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"It's a pleasure to be able to help Māori and Pasifika students achieve their dreams. When they graduate, the look on their faces and the pride shown by their whānau is rewarding for us all".

Rhys Thurston- Te Ara o Tākitimu Co-ordinator

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Pohutukawa Hooper

Plumbing, gas fitting & drain laying

Name, Welding workshop

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Name, Electrical workshop

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Kua Takoto Te Manuka - Student Welcoming Hui 2020



August 24, 2020

On Friday the 31st, 2020, the staff and students of Te Ara o Takitimu engaged in an all-day welcoming hui, Kua Takoto Te Manuka. This was the final step in the scholarship application process. Coordinator, Rhys Thurston, described the day as “a time for us to come together to learn and talk about resilience and overcoming the barriers to employment”.

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Kua Takoto Te Mānuka 2020



March 20, 2020

Pre Acceptance Scholarship Hui

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Mentoring makes the difference



January 16, 2020

Chris Treacher, EIT’s Te Ara o Taakitimu’s Māori and Pasifika Mentor, is “part of the furniture” at localeducation and training provider G & H Training.

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