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Welcome to Te Ara o Tākitimu

Te Ara o Tākitimu is a Māori and Pasifika trade training initiative designed to assist 16-40 year olds with aspirations in a wide range of trade training areas. We provide support and services that help you to achieve your career goals and to navigate the learning journey in a way that adds skill and cultural value to apprentices and students.

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Te Ara o Tāwhaki Marae

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Do you want to make good money, help your whānau
thrive, or be your own boss one day? With the support of the Te Ara o Tākitimu Scholarship, we know trades skills can give you the choices you want in life.

Unemployed Māori and Pasifika aged between 16 and 40 are given the opportunity to complete pre-trade and trades modules at either EIT or G & H Training.

Don't be worried if you are not smart enough, strong enough, confident enough or good enough. Trades skills are not something you’re born with; they’re something you learn. In addition, with so many different trades jobs out there – from bakery to building – you can choose the one that’s right for you. 



Since the inception of this initiative, we have seen more than 500 students come through this kaupapa.
Te Ara o Tākitimu supports Māori and Pasifika to build lasting careers in the trades. You’ll join hundreds of other Māori and Pasifika peoples who are learning a trade, and we’ll work closely with you to help you prepare for working life. When it comes to choosing the right course or finding that first job, we’ve partnered with training and industry organisations so you can go from beginner to qualified as smoothly as possible.



Te Ara o Tākitimu have passionate staff that are no strangers to go the extra mile for our Māori & Pasifika trades training students. Our staff are freindly and can be seen and accessed around our Hawke's Bay campus at EIT. Our staff are committed to improving the opportunities for our region and Iwi of Ngāti Kahungunu.


Successful Completion

In 2017, Te Ara o Tākitimu witnessed 70% of our students successfullly complete their programme of choice. This is due to the outstanding committment and dedication seen of our students and their whānau.

Meet the management responsible for shaping the support and services offered by Te Ara o Tākitimu

Tuhakia Keepa - EIT Director of Māori

Hands on training where you can learn the skills you need for a career in Trades.

This is a learning experience, we want you to enjoy and prosper.

Hands on Training

Unemployed Māori and Pacific aged between 16 and 40 years old, are given the opportunity to complete pre-trade and apprenticeship training. 

All learning is designed to be hands on. So whether it is a hammer, spanner, motorbike, coffee cup or scissors you get to learn everyday using the tools of your future career.

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Custom support

We know that being a student or trainee is not always a smooth ride. From dealing with course requirements to juggling whanau commitments to handling a part time job - we understand.

Our team are here to get to know you, to understand your learning journey and to provide the support you need to be successful in achieving your career goals.

Te Ara o Takitimu participants get "over and above" support in the search for work experience, jobs and apprenticeships through our dedicated Work Brokers. These staff will work with you to give you the very best chance to gain the apprenticeship you are striving for.

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Te Ao Māori

Knowing who you are and where you have come from is an important part of Te Ara o Takitimu.

We provide events and workshops to explore, learn and develop kaupapa Māori as part of your learning journey.

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Meet the Staff

Te Ara o Tākitimu staff are here to support you and your learning. Click below to learn more about us and our roles.